Returned IS warriors can settle in Odense and get a new health insurance certificate and passport, via Odense's own population register. The population register is not merged with the correct population register, therefore people who want to live in hiding from the police and other authorities can easily settle in Odense.

In connection with J.M. starting to rent out a room in my apartment without my permission, it turned out that 2 people have been registered in the population register in Odense municipality at my address.
When I subsequently approached the Odense police to report the J.M., it was noticed that neither of the two people had been registered in the correct population register

# informed on citizen service

J.M. rented out a room in my cooperative apartment on the basis of his / client's establishment of a heroin trade from my apartment in the time before the property was converted into the housing cooperative Rødegårdsvej 44.


The scheme has been approved by senior public prosecutor at the Police:

Marina Motke-Leth